Mauricio is an award-winning production head with an attention to detail that guarantees work of exceptional quality. He has been an integral part of large-scale productions all over the world; from Kenya’s Massai Mara, through rural communities of India, to coffee farms in the mountains of Peru.

His experience and versatility equip Mauricio with a skill set to shoot and direct projects of all scopes; like executing large projects for companies such as ABC, BBC, Bloomberg, CBC, and CTV.

From pre-production to the final edit, Mauricio is passionate about delivering videos of high calibre, while prioritizing editing timelines and budget.

With more than 15 years of experience, Mauricio oversees all areas of storytelling, editing, cinematography, directing, motion graphics, colour correction, and post-production.

Best Movie Ever Made:
Children of Men by Alfonso Cuaron

Favourite Snack:
Chocolate-covered Almonds

One thing you couldn’t live without:
Music and my son